Our Philosophy

Is your child ready for intellectual and artistic enrichment that promotes thinking and excites the imagination?

Many experts agree that children are intrinsically motivated and will learn more between the ages of 0 and 6 years than at any other time of their lives. Documented evidence proves that children who participate in an enriched, high quality early childhood education will develop confidence and lifelong learning skills. A well-balanced curriculum will ensure that they receive the best possible opportunities for intellectual and emotional growth.


we have adopted two European pedagogies that are recognized as leaders in early childhood education – the Montessori Method and the Reggio Emila Project Approach. As a result, NORTH HILL has developed a unique, well-balanced curriculum that values both art and academic subjects, equally.


philosophy states that children, working at their own pace, strive towards independence. They are internally motivated to learn, as they develop concentration and perseverance. They absorb complex skills through active involvement with concrete materials. “The mind is engaged through the hands.” At NORTH HILL, we advocate this philosophy. Using a variety of concrete materials, students master academic skills in Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Cultural Studies. Children gain an excellent foundation to build upon in future years.

The Reggio Emilia Project Approach

also highlights that children are naturally inquisitive, and eager to learn. Project work involves students working in small groups, brainstorming and designing projects that are personally meaningful. Teachers challenge students to use their higher-order thinking skills by planning projects that are large and complicated. During this process, children represent their knowledge through different modes of expression: words, drawing, painting, movement, sculpture, drama and music. Projects require students to think, to debate different opinions and to look at the world from new perspectives. Project work challenges students both intellectually and emotionally.

To complete your child’s education, he/she will participate in French, Music, Judo, Drama, Visual Art, and physical education in our large indoor gymnasiums. Monthly school trips complement the curriculum, and form an integral part of the program.

NORTH HILL PRIVATE SCHOOL invites you to join us in our mission to promote thinking and excite the imagination.


The Montessori program emerged from the founder and director, Dr. Maria Montessori’s formation of “Children’s House” in Rome, Italy, in 1906. The Montessori program is a comprehensive educational approach from birth to childhood based on the observation of children’s needs in a viariety of cultures around the world. Children in Montessori classes learn at their…
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Reggio Emilia

Key concepts of Reggio Emilia Project Approach: The child as protagonist. Children are strong, rich and capable. All children have preparedness, potential, curiosity, and interest in constructing their learning, negotiating with everything their environment brings to them. Children, teachers, and parents are considered the three central protagonists in the education process. The child as collaborator….
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“Almost 7 years ago, we came to North Hill Private School with our daughter Gabby. Leaving your child in someone’s care for the first time is always a daunting proposition, and I remember that feeling of anxiety as I drove out of the parking lot on those first few days, North Hill was exceptional, in so many ways. Gabby’s first teacher, Miss Boccia, was so patient and caring and made that first year so enjoyable for Gabby.”

- Allard Family