GRADES 1 – 3 (Ratio 15:1)

The curriculum far exceeds the Ministry of Education guidelines. North Hill continues to combine the Montessori approach and Reggio Emila Project Approach with more traditional teaching methods. Students also continue to enjoy activities that provide opportunities for creative expression and imagination within the arts curriculum. The curriculum provides an excellent balance between the arts and academics.

The Junior Elementary program advances the skills acquired in the Preschool and JK/SK program. The program combines a creative and stimulating, yet structured and disciplined environment, allowing students to continue to develop higher-order thinking skills and work at their own pace. Students are provided with many opportunities to continue to bolster their self-confidence, self-motivation and self-esteem. The curriculum is guided and far exceeds Ministry of Education requirements, stresses educational basics and continues to build on solid foundations in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, with increased emphasis on abstract learning. Small class sizes are maintained, ensuring that each student’s potential is maximized.

Report cards are distributed three times a year. Parent-teacher interviews are scheduled during the first term reporting period. Any further communication between parent and teacher and/or the Director can be made by email, telephone, or by appointment at any time throughout the school year.  Homework is assigned daily, and students are required to keep an agenda to assist in the development of solid organizational skills. Detailed curriculum for the elementary levels is available upon request.

For all parents that are considering the elementary grades at North Hill Private School (Woodbridge), we wish to advise you that we have developed an official liaison with Villanova College in King City. During the past several years, many North Hill students have continued their educational journey at Villanova and have had a successful transition.  If you would like more information about the school, please visit their website at villanovacollege.org

Mr. Paul Paradiso, Founder and President of Villanova College, has expressed a very positive view of all former North Hill students who are presently attending Villanova.  He continues to receive excellent feedback from parents about our program at North Hill.

If you have questions about the Admission process please contact admissions@villanovacollege.ca

If you have any further questions, please contact Ms. Velardo at (905) 832-7783 or email at: dvelardo@northhillprivate.ca


“Almost 7 years ago, we came to North Hill Private School with our daughter Gabby. Leaving your child in someone’s care for the first time is always a daunting proposition, and I remember that feeling of anxiety as I drove out of the parking lot on those first few days, North Hill was exceptional, in so many ways. Gabby’s first teacher, Miss Boccia, was so patient and caring and made that first year so enjoyable for Gabby.”

- Allard Family