Toddler Program

Toddler Program (18 – 30 mos.) (ratio 5:1)

The objective of this program is to help children learn to feel secure in a school environment, ensuring a smooth transition from home to school. Children learn basic rules and routines, while developing social skills and enjoying a variety of learning experiences. Toddlers are introduced to Practical Life and Sensorial Activities to develop control of movement, respect of the environment, self-sufficiency and refine sensory perception. They are also introduced to beginning concepts in Language and Mathematics, using concrete materials. The Reggio Emila Project Approach is an integral part of this program, providing endless opportunities for toddlers to explore creativity and imagination through long-term projects.

Parents receive monthly newsletters and curriculums outlining objectives, important events, and reminders,  A progress report is distributed at the end of first term, and report cards are distributed at the end of second and last terms. Parent-teacher interviews are scheduled before the first term reporting period. Any further communication between parent and teacher and/or the Director can be made by email, appointment, or by telephone at any time throughout the school year.


“Almost 7 years ago, we came to North Hill Private School with our daughter Gabby. Leaving your child in someone’s care for the first time is always a daunting proposition, and I remember that feeling of anxiety as I drove out of the parking lot on those first few days, North Hill was exceptional, in so many ways. Gabby’s first teacher, Miss Boccia, was so patient and caring and made that first year so enjoyable for Gabby.”

- Allard Family