Text Books

Text Books

Textbooks are purchased at the beginning of each school year after initial assessments are completed. A Textbook Order List will be provided by your child’s teacher outlining the books that are required for your child’s upcoming school year.


“Almost 7 years ago, we came to North Hill Private School with our daughter Gabby. Leaving your child in someone’s care for the first time is always a daunting proposition, and I remember that feeling of anxiety as I drove out of the parking lot on those first few days, North Hill was exceptional, in so many ways. Gabby’s first teacher, Miss Boccia, was so patient and caring and made that first year so enjoyable for Gabby.”

- Allard Family

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Toddler  -  Feb 1, 2022  -  6:00pm

Preschool  -  Feb 1, 2022  -  7:30pm

Kindergarten  -  Feb 3, 2022  -  6:00pm

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