The Connected Classroom

February 22, 2016 Published by
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Do you recall memories of a green dusty chalkboard, manual pencil sharpeners and textbook covers wrapped in brown paper bags? While some classrooms still have chalkboards, many schools have evolved into the future with digital smart boards and iPad’s.

With the digital future ahead of us, it is only natural that schools are embracing the role that technology serves to enrich the learning experience.

As the classroom evolves, we can all agree that implementing technology in the classroom creates an environment that:

  • Makes information limitless
  • Gives teachers more freedom to explore with students
  • Adapts to different learning styles
  • Gets children more excited about learning
  • Prepares them for the future

North Hill Private School, has teamed up with technology to help foster creativity and curiosity, and to assist in harnessing students’ authentic motivations toward learning.

Our goal is to provide the ultimate classroom experience for your children. If technology can serve as a catalyst for innovation and discovery, then we are ready to embrace this exciting adventure with your children!