Yoga in the Classroom

February 22, 2016 Published by
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It’s hard to believe that young children can get stressed out, but they definitely do.  The everyday hectic routines that children lead – starting a new school, endless after-school activities, lack of sleep, anxiety, and peer pressure – can all become very stressful.

Yoga is a wonderful outlet for children to counter pressures, to release stress and pay attention to how they feel.  Yoga allows children to redirect their energy in a positive way by using fun, child-friendly techniques that help them to calm their minds and bodies. When children release their stresses, they have less to distract them, and, therefore, have more energy to focus and learn.

Yoga helps students to:

  • Build focus and concentration
  • Reduce anxiety and enhance performance
  • Feel successful
  • Soothe themselves
  • Alleviate physical tension

Overall Benefits of Yoga for Children:

  • Physical strength and flexibility
  • Concentration, focus and attention
  • Confidence and self esteem
  • Improved motor skills
  • Inner strength and body awareness
  • Relaxation and self-control
  • A feeling of well-being and respect for others

North Hill is excited to bring Yoga into the classroom!