P.A. Day – “The Wonder of Learning Exhibit”

October 25, 2016 Published by
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On September 26, 2016, North Hill staff was excited to have the opportunity to experience “The Wonder of Learning” exhibit held at the Royal York Hotel in Toronto.

This exhibition has travelled around various parts of the world. It offers a “democratic piazza” that calls attention to the importance of education and schools as places for an exchange in dialogue. This exhibit is a continuation of The Hundred Languages of Children, and is aimed at underpinning the values that are integral to the educational philosophy of the Municipal Infant-toddler centres and Preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. In particular, it highlights the many changes, innovations and developments that have taken place throughout the years.

The exhibition communicates to all those involved in education as well as all members of society who strongly believe that research on the processes of learning and education is of crucial importance to all of us.


North Hill staff was able to observe and take notes of the various projects using different media: three-dimensional objects, videos, booklets, audio recordings, etc.,

Staff members were afforded the opportunity of receiving a very personal approach to this exhibit, as they casually viewed panels according to each of their individual levels of interest in various sections.

We were re-inspired once again, and have begun our journey to implement and share what we learned, and bring it to our classrooms at North Hill.

The art of research already exists in the hands of children acutely sensitive to the pleasure of surprise. The wonder of learning, of knowing, of understanding is one of the first, fundamental sensations each human being expects from experiences faced alone or with others.

Loris Malaguzzi