Sick Kid’s Make a Wish Foundation – 2014/2015

October 31, 2016 Published by
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During the 2014/15 school year North Hill parents, and staff collaboratively raised a total of $12,125.00 to make a wish come true through the Sick Kid’s Make a Wish Foundation. North Hill granted a wish for a girl named Posey. Her wish was to go meet her favourite princess, Cinderella, at the Disney Castle at Disneyworld.   Thanks to the generosity, of the North Hill community, we succeeded in making Posey’s wish come true!

Our journey began in September, as we brainstormed for ideas to incorporate our fundraising campaign into our curriculum. Our focus became exploring the imagination through the magical kingdom of books; namely fairytales and classic stories. Our preschoolers immersed themselves into the world of fairytales, and made up their own versions, which became “Tangled Tales”; and our JK’s to elementary students explored and literally got “lost” in the enchantment of classic tales. We put down all our electronic devices, and enjoyed the simple pleasure of storybooks!

Therefore, not only did we reach our goal in raising $12, 125.00 for Posey’s wish to come true, but we also gave North Hill students the unique experience of exploring the magic and power of storytelling through drama, music and dance at our yearend production of “Tangled Tales” and “Lose Yourself in a Book”. They also discovered that despite the ending of a story, or which viewpoint you choose, there is one ultimate conclusion; if you continue to imagine, create, hope, and dream, wishes really do come true!

“If you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true”